good energy under your lip

good energy under your lip

good energy under your lip

good energy under your lip


LEWA is a completely new product that gives you energy, improved performance, fresh breath & better oral health. Applied under the lip. LEWA contains organic yerba mate, caffeine, vitamins & antioxidants. Completely free from tobacco, nicotine and sugar.

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LEWA’s products have a preventive and protective effect on teeth and oral health and contain ingredients that are considered to have beneficial health effects unlike many other energy products in, among other things, the energy drink market. This is confirmed by, among others, dentists and health profiles.

LEWA contains 100% natural ingredients such as energy-giving substances, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other ingredients that create a positive effect for the user.

All active ingredients are formulated in such a way that it gives the user an improved performance, well-balanced flavour with the right moisture by secreting the ingredients for a long time. It also creates a pH value that gives the user good oral health and very fresh breath during use.


LEWA of Sweden AB is a Swedish company that develops, markets and sells products in a completely new format that gives you improved performance and better oral health.

The concept is to globally provide the world with products that are designed to create improved performance, generate fresh breath and stronger teeth. It is based on a unique recipe and format that makes the product healthy and convenient.

The company is operating within the health food and oral care market with a primary focus on complementing and replacing energy drinks and chewing gum for active and conscious people.

How to use LEWA

LEWA is designed in a smart format as a small pouch.

  1. When you open the package for the first time, tear off the upper part of the package at the perforation.
  2. Pick up a LEWA with two fingers while tipping the package downwards.
  3. Apply LEWA flat and horizontally under your upper lip on the left or right side of the lip band (frenulum).
  4. Make sure to fully seal the bag using the zip-lock function. If left open for longer periods of time, LEWA might dry out affecting future use.
  5. During use, you can advantageously moisten and adjust the position of the pouch with the tip of your tongue. This is something you’ll get better and better at over time and it becomes a habit.

The pouch is small and not visible to others. Therefore, you can use LEWA in ALL types of situations, wherever you are or whatever you do.
Even if the pouches are degradable, we ask you to throw used pouches and empty bags in the nearest bin or in another suitable places.
Welcome to LEWA!