The Product

LEWA is a brand new supplement enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and caffeine that is applied under your lip.

All ingredients in LEWA are 100% natural. However, we do not recommend you to consume more than one pack (18 pouches) per day due to high levels of caffeine content.

No – LEWA is a natural supplement enriched with vitamins & antioxidants. Free from sugar, nicotine and tobacco. We do not however recommend you to consume LEWA late in the evening if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Consumption of LEWA varies from one person to the next. Some consume an entire pack per day, others just a pouch or two. All the ingredients in LEWA are natural and there’s nothing that would be classified as “unhealthy”

Yes. The Swedish National Food Administration recommends no more than 200mg of caffeine per day during pregnancy. One pouch of LEWA contains 40mg of caffeine

We’re always looking for people who enjoy LEWA and would help us to grow. Please send us an e-mail to social@lewaofsweden.com with the subject line “partnership”.

We’re always looking for people who enjoy LEWA and would help us to grow. Please send us an e-mail to social@lewaofsweden.com with the subject line “ambassador”.

You can purchase LEWA directly on our website: www.lewaofsweden.com, in any of Gymgrossistens shops across the country, on www.snusbolaget.se as well as on select ICA, Coop, MyWay, Direkten & Life stores. If there’s no physical store in your vicinity carrying LEWA, we very much appreciate if you send us an email to info@lewaofsweden.com. We’ll do our very best to reach out and make LEWA more accessible in your area.

Absolutely! We are constantly working with product development. Keep an eye out on our website and social media for updates regarding new product releases. Will there ever be a caffeine free LEWA? As of today there are no plans to produce a caffeine free version of LEWA, as our ambition is to offer our customers a product which works as a substitute to energy drinks.

As of today we only ship in Viking-land. Our board of directors keeps telling our marketing department that we first need to establish something called “proof of concept” before we can start selling LEWA internationally. Keep an eye out on our website and social media for any updates on this matter.

Yes. We do however recommend you consult your doctor, should your medication limit your recommended daily caffeine intake.

If you are experiencing product quality issues, you are most welcome to reach out to us. HERE you’ll find all the information necessary to lodge a complaint.

Heck yes! We’re always looking for companies who wish to carry LEWA in their store. We are working intensely to reach out to resellers across the country to be able to offer even better accessibility to all our customers. If you’re a retailer interested in offering your customers LEWA, please do send us an email
to info@lewaofsweden.com and put “retailer” in the subject head.

There are several reasons as to why you might not be able to finalize your online order. Here are a few things you’d might like to try:

  • Refresh the website / browser.
  • Swap to another browser or device.
  • Clear all cache & cookies.
  • Try placing the order in incognito-mode.

From date of production – 12 months in unsealed package.

Age control

The age limit for purchasing on our website is 18 years. The recommended age limit in stores is 15 years, but it is up to each retailer to set their own age limit.


We ship with DB Schenker for all shipments to both individual customers and retailers. Please refer to our delivery terms for more information.

After placing an order, we will send you an order confirmation via email, and your packages will be sent to your nearest pick-up point. Once the shipment is ready for pick-up, you will receive an SMS notification to the mobile number you provided at checkout. If you experience any issues with your shipment, please contact us at customer service so that we can reach out to DB Schenker.

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